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You have taken a wise decision by switching over from the traditional cigarette to an electronic one as it will allow you to protect yourself and your family members from the fumes of the former, containing tar and many harmful chemical compounds, including carcinogenic ones. However, many people still desist from making this change over because of the price of e-cigs and their accessories like wicks, nicotine cartridges, etc.

Comparing costs
An average cigarette lasts 15 puffs, and the price of a pack of a popular brand, containing 20 cigarettes is $13. This works out to $0.33 per puff. The cost of a 20ml e-liquid bottle costs $10-$20 and provides approximately 250 puffs or $0.12 per puff. Even if one were to add the cost of the e-cig too, the cost per puff is significantly low for an electronic cigarette compared to the normal one. Obviously, you will have to pay much more if you opt for the best available brand of e-cig. Unfortunately, most people hardly view the calculations in a different way because they do not know a number of puffs the digital cigarette provides. For them, the cost of one stick of classical cigarette is lower than one piece of e-cig. This calculation will help them understand the ground reality and, perhaps, persuade them into purchasing e-cigs. If this is not enough, they can avail of special discounts when purchasing e-cigs, something one cannot get with classical cigarettes, which translates to a further reduction the cost per puff.

Online competition
There is a huge competition in the online world with each store trying to get the maximum number of customers. One point worth noting is that the gross profit of e-cig retailers is approximately 57% (the taxes on the same are paltry compared to taxes on traditional cigarettes). If the owner of an online store sells 10 disposable e-cigs per day at the rate of $8 per piece, his gross profit is $45.6. If he cuts down his profit margin slightly and manages to increase sales to 100 pieces per day, his earnings increase substantially. He achieves this goal by offering discount coupons directly on his website and through websites and newsletters that specialize in providing visitors and members with latest discount coupons. You can cut down your purchasing costs by a whopping 10% or even more depending on the offer. Such a scenario is beneficial for the store owner, the newsletter publisher, and the end customer.
• The customer pays less for purchasing his requirement of e-cigs
• The store owner earns more money daily because of an increase in quantity in the number of e-cigs sold
• The newsletter publisher gets a certain percentage for every customer who visits the seller’s site through his link

How to purchase e-cigs using coupons
Assuming that you have subscribed to the newsletter and receive it via email, you will notice the discount details on it. One some occasions you will find an alphanumerical in the newsletter along with the link to the site. Open a new tab in your browser, visit the site giving the offer, and sign up with the same. You will have to provide your name, address, email, mobile number, and create a password (required for logging on to the site). Now log in and purchase the digital cigarettes and other eligible accessories mentioned in the newsletter. Complete the formalities like entering the name, email, and street address of the person you want the package to be delivered (not applicable if you are purchasing it for yourself) proceed to checkout, and enter the alphanumeric code on a window on the website with the words `enter coupon code’ written beside it and click on the `add’ button. You will notice that the total amount has decreased.

Different discounts
You might have noted that certain websites offer higher discounts for the same make of vaporizers or e-juice than the others do. This is also due to competition amongst such sites. If you are on the lookout for some fantastic discounts on VaporDNA, the largest and the most popular website for e-liquids, RBAs, vape mods, and e-cigarettes, check out the amazing discounts you can avail. For more details visit their website at and find out why other smokers consider them as the guru of coupon code sites. You can rest assured that you will never visit any other site for coupons for e-cigarettes and its accessories.

Using Them To Save

If you shop online regularly, you must have come across discount coupons at one point of time or the other. Also offered through print media, these coupons provide you with an excellent means to purchase your favorite goods at a discounted price. Thanks to the increase in cost of most items and hardly any increase in wages, these coupons are a Godsend to families and help them cut down on their monthly expenses substantially. If you love smoking e-cigarettes, you should search online for such coupons. We can broadly categorize these coupons into different groups:

Those that provide you special discount on a specific item on the online store
Ones that offer site wide discounts (discounts available on all products available on that site)
Special occasion coupons (limited time coupons, typically issued during special times of the year such as Christmas, Black Friday, and 4th of July etc.)
2 for 1 (purchase a certain quantity of a particular product and you get one free)
Short term coupons (these coupons are good for a day or before the stock runs out)
Money back coupons (the store returns a percent of the money you spent back to your digital wallet)

All of those coupons allow you to get good discounts while purchasing vaping e-liquids, accessories, and e-cigs too. Although you will find these coupons on magazines and websites, you can get them by subscribing to coupon specific newsletters, sent to you via email. In such an option, you have the option to select the delivery frequency of the newsletter: daily or weekly.

How to use those coupons
You will typically find details regarding usage of the coupons below the coupon itself. On other occasions, you might find the coupon hidden behind a clickable bubble, and have to click on the colored rectangle to reveal the coupon. On other occasions, clicking on the painted area shows a message `coupon applied successfully,’ following which your browser is redirected to the purchase section of goods associated with that coupon. You do not need to take any extra steps as the website applies the discount during checkout. On other occasions, you have to input the code in the space provided on the checkout page. Obviously, the only way to use printed coupons found in newspapers and magazine is to cut them and take them to the store offering the discount, present the coupon to the person manning the cash counter, who will manually discount that amount from the bill.

Be cautious
Make sure that a sign stating `coupon applied successfully‘ appears on the checkout page before proceeding forward and making the payment. Online stores attach special conditions with specific coupons. Unless you notice carefully, you might miss the line mentioning `*terms and conditions apply.’ For example that certain coupon will only work if you purchase vaping goods worth a specified amount. Most people, in their happiness of having found a coupon, rarely notice this. They keep on clicking and make the payment without checking whether the discounted sum reflects on the final bill. In such a scenario, they have no options left, as the store will not take back the goods. There is another rider that states `refund applicable if they are damaged or do not work as specified‘ making it impossible for you to claim back your money.

Getting the best deal
On most occasions, when you visit an online store to purchase a new e-cigarette or a set of refill cartridges, you might see a popup window requesting you to input your email ID in a specific field and click on the submit button. This allows the site to send you emailed newsletters, without being marked as spammers, whenever that store comes out with a new product or is offering special discounts.

Advantages of coupon newsletters
There are manifold advantages of signing up for coupon newsletters. You and the other subscribers get to know the best deals as soon as they are launched. This gives you a head start over other buyers, particularly if there is a limited quantity of the discounted product in stock. If you love e-cigarettes and other vaping related stuff marketed by MyFreedomSmokes, subscribe for websites that contain a MyFreedomSmokes coupon code. You can find those special coupons at website all over. Stretch your dollar and save money every month by using coupon codes for the best online e-cigarette related deals. and Client Resource

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