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Renovated 1906 Courthouse

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 Photo by McGehee Dermott Times-News

History Repeats

        The weather events of the Spring of 2011 have had people of all ages and background looking back over events of flooding in our state and county history.  Desha County was devastated in the Floods of 1927 when a levee break occurred.  Thoughts of this had towns panicking in May 2011 when reports of Mississippi River record water levels and boils were spread. 

        The main purpose of the Desha County Historical Society is to protect and publish both the written and pictorial history of events in Desha County such as the Flood of 1927 so that future generations can not only learn about historical events of the past, but may also strive not to repeat the mistakes of the past so that current and future generations might not suffer the immense destruction that has occurred in history. 

DCHS takes this opportunity to make you aware of personal reflections and reports of the Flood of 1927 that can be found in our many publications.  Below is a list of some of these articles and the publication in which they can be found.  This publication can be ordered on our Publications page.

                                       The 1927 Flood: the County's Worst Disaster
                                       The Last Telephone Call to Arkansas City
                                       Letter written during the Flood
                                       The McGehee Times Carried On
                                       Joe Hinton McKinney, Radio Operator 1927
                                       "What I Remember Most about the 1927 Flood"
                                       1927: County's Worst Disaster
                                       Dumas During the 1927 Flood
                                       1927 Horseback Rider Warned of Impending Flood at Watson
                                       Flood Recollections

           Found In: "THE '27 FLOOD IN DESHA COUNTY" - 1976 Publication, Volume 2, No. 2




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Arkansas City Levee

Streets of McGehee


  Sanders Market - McGehee

Watson in 1927